Digital Drug Allergy Card enabled by a Permissioned Blockchain Technology

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What is Vigicard


Declare your allergies

Declare allergy

With VIGICARD, you can now record and report your allergies. It is a simple and guided process enabling a better definition of your symptoms hence your allergic reaction.


Validate your allergies

Declare allergy

Request your doctors, practitioners, allergists… as contact. They will be able to update the status of your allergy record and thus give additional information and proof of validation.


Reliable allergy history

Declare allergy

With Vigicard, health professionals will be able to provide certified allergy history.

Discover Vigicard

Vigicard will be soon available on all your app stores. Here is a first glimpse of what is coming.


  • Q3 2019

    First concept design, and project definitions.

  • Q4 2019

    Prototype applied for usability testing and technical validation.

  • Q1 2020

    Full test environment to start clinical trials.

  • Q3 2020

    Deployment on all France territory.

  • Q4 2020

    CE Health label application.

  • Q2 2021

    Deployment in several European localizations

Key Benefits

Vigicard offers various features related to information record and drug allergy history sharing

Complete allergy tracking

Declare your allergy, make it validated, certified in the Pikciochain blockchain, and manage access rights (grant or revoke) to your health professionals. Vigircard is the secured respository of your drugs allergies.

For Health professionals

Access your patients allergy, for better drug prescription, to enrich allergy information and provide validation tests. Validate and provide additional information and recommendation, for a better and safer care of your patients.

Rich experience

Vigicard includes a large set of features around information exchange using a decentralized and encrypted chat, a shared calendar, trusted third parties management for impaired or minors...

It is safe


Vigicard is architectured around PikcioChain technologies, fully decentralized and encrypted, with a unique data routing process to empower anoymisation.

Certified data

Using Pikciochain, a permissioned blockchain GDPR compliant, allergy record and validation are fully accountables.


A reliable ecosytem providing accurate data and its proof of emission, with full control by the patient regarding access to health professionals.

Why Vigicard

Our project focuses on the design and development of a decentralized, user-centered and scalable ledger as a mobile and a web application for the registration, validation and traceability of drug allergies. The main objectives are to record drug allergies and to distinguish between self-reported drug allergies (approximately 10% of the European population) and re-evaluated information by physicians through allergy testing. Indeed, the most self-reported allergies are not confirmed by tests and consequently lead to less efficient treatments.

Yet, the European network of drug allergies stated that in all European countries there is no solution to reliably report an allergy, except free text in Electronic Health Records or paper cards held by citizens. Paper cards are based on self-reported information, standardized and may be easily lost. Therefore, the European network of drug allergies encourages projects to design a digital solution of detailed and structured information on drug allergies.

We propose a mobile and web application named Vigicard, based on a permissioned blockchain which delivers high traceability of patients’ and healthcare professionals identities, allergy history immutability and timestamping of all information, while preserving everyone’s privacy.

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